Can Social Media Really Help You Boost Your Revenue?

Just as you cannot live without food, your business cannot survive without profits. Right?

You must have heard that social media is the real power these days. The majority of the audience comes from websites, blogs, and other similar platforms these days. The reason could be any – to shop from online stores, to read e-books, blogs, or newspapers, to find a suitable service provider, and more. Your social media presence is the door for them to enter and get to know about you, offerings, your product, or whatever you are into.

Well! You cannot deny the fact that how important social media is for your business. But, how can you increase your revenue using it? A lot of social media marketers must have told you to make a website, create a blog, and make a profile on different social media platforms. But where’s the main point? How you’re going to make profits out of it? How is it going to make a big difference?

Here are the answers that nobody has told you:

  1. Get More Reviews – Having a social media presence is not enough; you should get as many good reviews as possible to your website. Happy customers attract more happy customers. When people hear about you, they will search for your reputation first, not your products or services. Without reviews, you website just like a simple menu that nobody has interest in.
  • Drive Referrals – Whenever you use ay social media platform, driving referrals should be at the top of your mind. Also, make sure that the landing page is optimized for conversion. You can use social media management tools or follow high-referral blog posts to get more referrals. The best way is to connect with people on a personal level via advertisements.
  • Craft a Status – What is the social status of your brand? Yes, it really matters because people love to be a part of the firm that is known for its goodwill. For example, if I would have to maintain a status via social media, I would go where my target audience is. It simply means that you should choose your platforms wisely.
  • Create Engagement – Here I am talking about the genuine engagement which means sharing stories, having conversations, promoting deals, and answering questions. Consumers feel closer to you and your brand when you interact personally and this can evoke positive emotions towards your business. 
  • Outstanding Customer Service – If you want to be in the race for a longer period of time, become a leader in customer service. Always share and comment on both positive and negative reviews to show how much you care about your customers. Yes, you can use social media as your customer service desk.


Apart from the above-mentioned points, paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website will help you in the long run. Using social media platforms widely can help with your SEO efforts. The more active you are, the better will be your ranking. Similarly, the higher up you are the more sales you can generate.

Also, try to turn one-time customers into permanent customers. And how you are going to do this? Again through social media which allows you to continue to interact with existing customers. Share new products and offers with them and entice them to come again to your website.

Before you get started, see what other successful brands are doing…

It’s time to say be realistic with yourself!