Have a WordPress blog? Don’t know where to start from? If you’re struggling to find interesting ideas for your blog, you landed on the right page. Constantly thinking about new topics can be daunting sometimes and that’s why we’ve compiled a short but practical list.

WordPress is a popular platform that allows you to create a free website or build a blog. Though you don’t have to pay for the platform, you need to brainstorm for the most effective ideas.

There are unlimited blog post ideas to blast off but let’s start with the 10 most amazing ones:

  1. What’s Trending – The best way is to start with the latest topic and for this, you just have to do a little bit of research. Check what’s trending on the Internet but make sure to provide something unique.
  • Present a Solution – Create a practical blog post that talks about the problems that your target audience might be struggling with. You can present a solution in the form of some tips, solutions, answers or a guide.
  • Be Educational – Research on topics that your target audience is searching on the web. Learn about some of the common questions that people ask when they communicate with you. Pick any topic and provide enough information about it.
  • Make it Fun – Sometimes it’s just a casual blog post people want to read. So, you can try some funny posts or videos that you can share. It could be anything like your recent travel experience, funny things happened in the office or a story.
  • Lifestyle Posts – If you want to start with something very interesting, go for lifestyle blog posts. You can talk about anything like fitness routine, popular restaurants, makeup tutorials, trending dresses, music playlist, morning routine, bedtime routine, and more.  
  • Travel Posts – From sharing your own travel experience to provide tips to other enthusiasts, you blog can include anything. Talk about how to’s, tops, what to avoid, what to carry, how to book, flights and all related stuff.
  • Make it Promotional – If your blog is a part of your business, there’s nothing wrong talking about your products and services. You can talk about your strength, company history, what sets you apart, why to use your products, recommendations, etc.
  • Controversial is Better Sometimes – If you don’t hesitate to be in a controversy, you can go for controversial posts. However, keep in mind that it should not hurt any caste or creed. Choose any current topic and share what you think about it.
  • Interview Someone – If you any celebrities or influential people who have great stories to tell, interview them and share on your blog. However, the key to success lies in sharing insanely useful and interesting content.
  1. Review Products / Books / Products/films – People often look for honest reviews about certain products, services, books, films, etc. You can deliver a review via your blog post and gain the trust of your followers.

Most importantly, whatever you write your approach should be out of the box!

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