SEO Risks – What Are Worth Taking and What Are Worth Avoiding

There’s risk in everything we do… so what’s the solution because we can’t stop working. The solution is to understand what risk is worth taking and what is worth to avoid. The same goes for SEO…

There is a lot about Search Engine Optimization and we should never ignore the value. Sometimes all we need to do is try something new to get the best benefits. And, it’s natural to get nervous about trying something out that we’re not familiar with. Well! All you need to understand is what risks to take and what to avoid.

Here’s the list of risks that you can take:

  • Stay Updated – The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring more traffic by improving the ranking of your website. If the traffic is not as expected, there must be a reason behind it. All you need to do is to take one element at a time and check carefully. Test everything against updated SEO standards. Give a bit trial to new concepts and see the results…
  • Improve the URL Structure – The risk of enhancing the URL structure of your site is worth taking. Make sure that the URL is short in length and simple so that it can be easily remembered. Furthermore, the targeted pages should have keywords and high quality content. Avoid making your URL too messy or too long.
  • High-Quality Backlinks – Getting and giving high-quality Backlinks is imperative for the success of your website. And, it’s not just about getting the most links. Sometimes you need to give them back also. So it’s really worth guiding a few visitors to other sites because by doing this you are improving your credibility.  
  • Update & Redesign – Though website overhauling can be expensive and time-consuming, the risk is worth taking. After every few years, your website may need an updated design. However, before making any changes make sure that you know the latest norms and standards.
  • Invest in Expired Domains – Yes, you read it right. Sometimes it’s good to buy expired domains that are available for purchase. However, you need to check the history and value of the domain. If it has some valuable Backlinks and a good history, you can always take the risk.

Here’s the list of risks you should avoid:

  • Avoid doorway pages as Search Engines dislikes them. The only time Google approves doorway pages is when they offer unique and valuable content.
  • Be careful about disallowing certain links that are neither good for your website nor bad.
  • Do not delete the content or entire page as it leads to the removal of keywords that are once ranked.
  • Avoid using an excessive amount of exact keywords in the Anchor Text.
  • Avoid making small SEO-friendly changes too frequently.


If you want your website on the top of the search engine’s ranking, try to balance risks and rewards. Though the risk is involved everywhere, you need to differentiate between good and bad ones. Before you start with any changes or marketing campaign, make sure you know the SEO best practices…