9 Game-Changing SEO Trends That Will Rule the Global Market

SEO is a complex science because of the ever-changing nature of the rules of the game. Though we’re already in the ending months of 2018, the SEO techniques remain always new to many. So this piece of writing is dedicated to SEO trends that will rule the global market for the coming months. Let’s dive deep:-

  1. More Emphasis to Voice Search – Voice search is already creating the buzz and in the coming months, it’ll change how we create content. The upcoming content will have a more conversational tone to answer the queries quickly. If you’re into SEO, the emphasis should be to create content for the searchers, not just the keywords.
  • Valuable Content – Engagement is playing a crucial role from years and will play for years to come. The key to SEO success lies in quality content. The more valuable the content, the more are chances to hit the top list. If you want to taste success, create link-worthy and user-driven content.
  • Secure Links (SSL) – You must have heard about this that SSL impact the rankings of websites. Search Engines have already started to flag those sites that don’t begin with HTTPS. And, the same criterion is going to the rule the market in upcoming months. This is one of the best and inexpensive fixes for your site.
  • Videos – The entire world is going gaga over videos and they account for more than eighty percent of all consumer internet traffic. This clearly means that videos play an imperative role in Search Engine Optimization. The websites with valuable video content rank better than simple ones.
  • Quality Long-Form Content – It has already been noticed that the content pages with lengthy content are performing better in search engine rankings. However, it does not mean that you can include just about anything in your webpage. The content should be of highest quality, searcher intent, and value.
  • Social Sharing – Just like every single person across the globe is going social, search engines like Google have also started placing priority on content engagement. Search Engine give and will give priority to web pages, articles, or blogs with engagement across different social media sites.
  • Survival of the Fastest – Speed is a big concern when we talk about ranking and it’s a major UX factor. Search engines like Google expect pages to load under three seconds. If you want to see your site on the top position, take Google’s page speed test. Know how fast the pages load and accordingly work on it.
  • Rise of SERP Features – The SERP features like local packs, knowledge panels, and featured snippets are playing a crucial role. These features are not only attracting visitors but also stealing clicks from organic listings. So track your rankings within these features and check what’s stealing traffic from you.
  • User-Experience Optimization – Apart from the content quality, search engines take into consideration the UX. They prefer to rank those sites top in the search engine rankings that satisfy the user. A lot of big brands are seen to redesigning their websites at regular internal. They do it to satisfy the dynamic need of their users.

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