Want to increase your website’s traffic? Want to generate more leads and convert visitors into customers?

Well! Classified Ads can help you gain more exposure and get the best results from your SEO efforts. But the question is – what is classified advertising?

Classified Ads are just like those ads you see in newspapers with the only difference that these ones are digital. In simple words, it is the process of advertising a product or service by writing informative yet interesting descriptions about it. The description can comprise of information like website URL, contact number, price, email address and of course the main features of the product or service.

Also, each description falls under different categories depending on the product type. For instance, cars that are available for sale or hire would be classified under the category automobiles.

Why Classified Ads are worth giving a try…

  • Classified Ads are a part of online marketing and, therefore, help you to promote your products/services to the target audience without spending a fortune.
  • It is an excellent way for startups, small businesses, companies, and individuals to create good brand awareness.
  • You can either choose paid advertising or post free ads which in itself a great benefit for startups and small businesses.
  • Classified ads generate leads and increase click-through rates. Also, they are an excellent way to bring relevant back links to your website or blog.
  • Marketing your products and services via free ads is a great way to reach a select set of potential customers.
  • These ads are usually both mobile and search friendly so you can use them easily.
  • They open up a global market for your brand by providing more exposure as compared to any other technique.
  • Classifieds can be created within minutes which mean you can save time as well as money.
  • Ads are a great way to promote sites that are product based and can dramatically increase traffic to your website.  

For better results, you must be aware of the right process of posting and using classified ads. Check this out:

  • Identify classifies ad posting directories that have a good page rank.
  • Post ads in the directories that have a high potential of customers.
  • Read the guidelines mentioned in the directories before posting.
  • Identify the product or services that you want to sell and create interesting ads.
  • Track and test which ad is converting the most and from which directory.
  • Identify sites where you can place one ad and it automatically gets posted in different sites.
  • Promote your ads via social bookmarking.
  • Enjoy the results…

Things to keep in mind…

  • Do provide quality content and appropriate information
  • Do not fill your website with ads that carry insufficient information
  • Use the sites that allow you to use backlinks
  • Do not post free ads every single day
  • Post information that captures public interest easily
  • Use ads wisely to enjoy great results


A classified ad has three main parts – headline, description, and contact details and you must pay close attention to each of them. Just like any other strategy of boosting website traffic and ranking; ads too are effective when used in an appropriate manner. So, know the best way of creating and posting ads before getting started. An effective ad has more chances to get picked up by search engines and the people coming to your site will not leave without opening another page or clicking on the backlinks.

It’s time to boost your online presence using the smartest way…