Is Social Bookmarking Effective in Traffic Increase and Keywords Ranking?

As the world is going digital, more and more people are becoming known to the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The techies understand the importance of being on the top of the search results. But what exactly works to increase the keywords ranking? Is social bookmarking effective?

If you’re looking for an easy yet effective way to increase traffic, social bookmarking can be used as one of your strategies. It is an Off-Page technique in which a website or webpage is bookmarked on another website to create a backlink. This eventually helps in expanding the reach and increase website traffic.

Today, social bookmarking is all about creating a network of people to trade information however it originally wasn’t developed as a backlinking strategy. It was just a way to store links to be accessed later. With the course of time, it became an effective SEO technique as tech people started listing sites to have a link from that web-page to their websites.

What are the true benefits?

Direct Traffic – You get some good traffic as people often visit social bookmarking sites either to bookmark their own websites or to check out other ones.

Easy Links – You get links without any hassle like mailing or guest posting and all you have to do is just signup and list your links.

Do-Follow Links – A lot of sites offer do-follow links and it’s good to try such sites but never ignore link diversity.

How Social Bookmarking Effective in SEO?

Social Bookmarking is an easy and safe way to build relevant one-way links and most of the popular bookmarking sites consist of a high Pagerank. In addition, it is an interactive way to bring more visitors but it only works when done with an aim to build an authentic community. If talking about the current year, it will still work because of creating backlinks.

With the right list of bookmarks made public, you can enjoy an increased number of hits than ever before. Here’s how to get started.

  • Understand where your target market lives and provide them with quality and engaging content.
  • There are a number of sites but it’s imperative to find the best one to take the best advantage of this strategy.
  • Look for the highly ranked social bookmarking sites because people redirected from such sites are counted as quality visitors.
  • Getting listed on top sites is no easy task but never use shortcuts or automatic tools to blast hundreds of social bookmarking sites.
  • Focus on quality content and choose relevant ones, the sites similar to your product categories or services.
  • When asked to choose categories of your article or blog link, don’t just fall for any but choose relevant ones.
  • Join niche based bookmarking sites and use interesting titles to get the best results.

Tips for using Social Bookmarking effectively…

  • Anchor Text Diversification – Do not use the same anchor text over and over again while building links for your website.
  • Link Diversification – Though do-follow links are best but no-follow links should not be ignored either.
  • Data Diversification – When writing a description or building a profile, never copy the same data over and over again.
  • Be Interactive – Creating a profile on a social bookmarking site is not enough, you have to interact with other pages as well as people.
  • Choose Category – Do not just randomly pick and bookmark any category, be specific and choose the most appropriate category.
  • Choose Quality Over Quantity – Never go for cheap automated link building tools because it’s quality that matters not the quantity.

Concluding Words…

You’ve got so many options to increase traffic and make your website rank well. All you have to do is know your target audience and be organic because there’s no such thing like short-cut in SEO.