Are you ready for a live-in relationship? You may be curious to know the advantages and disadvantages of such relationships. Live –in a relationship is when a couple stays together before their marriage and the scenario is widely accepted in today’s urban and modern society. However, there’s still a huge dilemma related to such relationships and also a debate arises in our minds regarding the same.

So, let’s not fall into a never-ending debate and check out some pros and cons of a live-in relationship. Yes, just like any other thing relationships too have their advantages and disadvantages especially when we’re talking about moving in together.

The Pros

  • The Fun Stuff – There’s always fun galore in live-in relationships because you’re free to do even the stupidest thing with each other. You feel free to do anything whether it’s a pillow fight or watching a horror movie and scaring your partner with nasty pranks. It’s more like doing anything and everything with your partner.
  • Lesser Responsibilities – Where married couples are always striving to maintain a good balance between families and finances, live-in couples have lesser responsibilities. When you decide to move together, you don’t need to make any compromises or make efforts to maintain a satisfactory balance in society.
  • No Legal Obligations – Not being a legal couple means no or low legal hassles related to ending a suffocating marriage or any other issues. A live-in relationship eliminates the scope of all legal problems which also means that you have an emotional advantage. Well, handling a breakup might be easier than the trauma of ending a marriage.
  • Financial Freedom – Being in a live-in relationship means that you both are sharing expenses which means you can use your finances the way you want. Best of all, you don’t get interrogated by your partner regarding your savings or expenses. It also encourages saving because most couples divide their bills.
  • Freedom & Respect – In a live-in relationship, both partners know that this is not a legal marriage and, therefore, make extra efforts to make their partner. Also, living together but still dividing finances encourage mutual respect. Both partners enjoy equal space and respect because they are not financially dependent on each other.

The Cons

  • Lack of Commitment – Anything from a small fight or disagreement can lead to a breakup with either of the partners walking out of the relationship. There’s always an uncertainty factor because sometimes couples do not make every possible effort to save their relationship or seek solutions to problems.  
  • Less Respect for Marriage – Sometimes the advantages of a live-in relationship become the biggest disadvantage. It makes couples so comfortable living together that they end up delaying marriage as an option. Also, they fear bearing the personal and financial responsibilities that marriage brings along with it.
  • Children Suffer – The children who are born in a live-in relationship may suffer and develop a lack of respect for rules and norms. In the worst scenario, they may undergo emotional trauma when their parents decide to separate. Also, in such cases, the father of the child holds no explicit legal ground to ask for custody.

Concluding Words

A live-in relationship gives you a lot of insight into your partner and it is totally up to you whether you want to continue or not. Though there’s a lot of debate regarding such relationships, it’s all your decision whether you choose to walk down the aisle with your partner or just walk away.

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